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  • Membership
    • What if I want to cancel my membership before its expiry date?

      For monthly memberships, there will not be a refund and the membership will be canceled upon request. As for canceling annual memberships, the month in which the cancellation is requested will not be refunded. As for the remaining months, you will be refunded 4 USD for a Gold membership or 3 USD for a Silver membership per remaining month. However, if you request a cancellation within the first month of the annual membership, you will be given a full refund only if you haven't made any shipments during the first month. In case a shipment has been made during the first month, and you request cancellation, all membership advantages used for the shipment (e.g. discounts, free storage, etc.) will be withdrawn before giving you a full refund.

    • Can I have multiple delivery address?

      Yes, of course! Silver members can have 3 delivery addresses while Gold members can add unlimited delivery addresses.

    • Can my family or friends send packages to me through my Lakcom address?

      Yes, they can send packages to your Lakcom address and we will ship them to you. Please make sure they put your Lakcom ID number as part of the address.

    • Can my family or friends use my Lakcom address to receive mail and packages?

      Unfortunately, that’s not possible. For legal, privacy, and security reasons no one is allowed to use the account registered to your name. You are the only person allowed to use your account to receive packages.

    • How can I change my membership type?

      If you want to upgrade your membership status, you can log in to your account and upgrade your membership. Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade your membership.