This extension is a great tool from LAKCOM for online shoppers who want to enjoy shopping from Turkish online shopping sites. Most of Turkish sites are supporting only Turkish language and Turkish Lira currency.  When you visit the "Shopping Guide" in and chose any website after filtering the sites based on your desired shopping items and by using LAKCOM extension you will be able to translate any visited website to the preferred language set in your LAKCOM account. You need to login to your LAKCOM account to do that. By using the "Currency Rates" you will be able to convert the item Price displayed in TL currency to the main currencies listed. More currencies and options are to come soon. 

You will still be able to use the extension if you are logged out or if you are not registered as LAKCOM member yet, but your preferred language and other settings will not be active. The default translation language will be "English"  

You can adjust the main settings of LAKCOM extension by visiting the "Settings" tab visible in the extension interface top. 

Everyday more Turkish online shopping websites are joining our 'Shopping Guide". Some of these sites are having agreement with LAKCOM to give promotional offers to LAKCOM members. If the visited website is one of these then the background colour of the extension "icon" at the right top of your browser will turn to white colour instead of default grey colour background. This will give you a chance to follow the offers offered by these websites to LAKCOM members. 

LAKCOM are coming with new features and options that will make shopping from Turkey easy and affordable. 

If you are not currently a member in LAKCOM, please enjoy all the advantages of LAKCOM by clicking the "Register" tab in the extension and become a LAKCOM member. It is Easy, Fast and Free. 

LAKCOM members are enjoying great services developed for online shoppers willing to consolidate all their purchased products from different websites in one location in Turkey and then shipping them to the desired (one or multi) destinations with the cheapest, fastest and guaranteed shipping method. 

Please visit, learn more about LAKCOM, be a member and start enjoying a world of shopper's advantages.