By opening a membership over, you verify, that you accept below stated conditions. gives a private postal address from Turkey. This address is in Istanbul.

You can send the packages you buy to the private address. The team of lakcom will take your packages in your name and send to the delivery address according to your instructions. members are responsible to pay all costs such as taxes, customs taxes, service fees, transport fees.

The price of package delivery, will be calculated according to the volume or weight of the package. Our members will verify the package delivery costs over before giving the instruction to send the package.

If the weight or volume of the packages should excess the volume or weight measured first, the volume or weight measured last will be taken into consideration. The pricing will be made on the last weight and if necessary an additional payment will be made by the customer.

Your package will be stored from 21 to 60 days according to your membership. You can use this time to let wait and gather your packages.

If you fail to mail out your package in this time frame, the charges for delayed storage to 2$/Item/day For instance.

The duration of storage is 100 day at the most. In case of excess this time, our members will be contacted for sending of the package. opens all packages delivered because of safety reasons.

Prohibited products will be controlled.
The products will be taken out from unnecessary big packages and put into suitable packages.
The quality of the products will be controlled.
What is quality control?
The packages sent to lakcom will be controlled first by our quality team. After controlling the quality, the package of the CUSTOMER will be opened and products, which are contrary to Turkish regulations and international transport agreements will be established. After verifying the appropriateness of the packages, they will be controlled against tear for textiles or damages for fragile products. For technological product, they will not be controlled, whether they are functioning or not. In case of demand of the customer, the products will be sent back to the supplier. If the products cannot be established whether they are defective or not, Lakcom  has no responsibility and cannot be shown as a part of any proceeding.

The real fact in the calculation of the sending is the place of the package covered on the airplane and not the real (physical) weight. And this is the volumetric (dimensional) weight of the package. Volumetric weight will be calculated by length x height x depth /5000 formula. If the volumetric weight of the package is more than the physical weight of the package, the volumetric weight will be taken into consideration.

The price of inland delivery belongs in each case to the customer. In case of reverse charge, Lakcom will make the payment in your name and get back this from you later. Lakcom has the right to reject the reverse charge.

After delivery of the package from the storage of Lakcom, the responsibility of return belongs to the customer.
In case of demanding the return of a product, located in the warehouse of Lakcom, Lakcom will return your product by collecting of a certain return fee.

The parties have the right to cancel this agreement in written (e-mail).

The packages of ex members, whose packages will be sent although they have cancelled their membership, will be cast away after 7 days beginning from arrival to the warehouse, if they will not get member again.

The monthly or yearly memberships will be renewed automatically, unless indicated otherwise.

Your membership starts with acceptation of this agreement.

Our members cannot use our website to send products contrary to international transport laws and LAKCOM prohibited products list. The packages of this type will be returned or destructed. The fee of return will be paid by the customer.

The responsibility of all type of problems and penal sanctions regarding to these problems, apart from Lakcom Courier Services belong to the customer. has the right to change or cancel the articles regarding to the conditions of use. You will be deemed to accept the actualized conditions as long as you use website.