1. Membership
    1. What if I want to cancel my membership before its expiry date?
      • For monthly memberships, there will not be a refund and the membership will be canceled upon request. As for canceling annual memberships, the month in which the cancellation is requested will not be refunded. As for the remaining months, you will be refunded 4 USD for a Gold membership or 3 USD for a Silver membership per remaining month. However, if you request a cancellation within the first month of the annual membership, you will be given a full refund only if you haven't made any shipments during the first month. In case a shipment has been made during the first month, and you request cancellation, all membership advantages used for the shipment (e.g. discounts, free storage, etc.) will be withdrawn before giving you a full refund.
    2. Can I have multiple delivery address?
      • Yes, of course! Silver members can have 3 delivery addresses while Gold members can add unlimited delivery addresses.
    3. Can my family or friends send packages to me through my Lakcom address?
      • Yes, they can send packages to your Lakcom address and we will ship them to you. Please make sure they put your Lakcom ID number as part of the address.
    4. Can my family or friends use my Lakcom address to receive mail and packages?
      • Unfortunately, that’s not possible. For legal, privacy, and security reasons no one is allowed to use the account registered to your name. You are the only person allowed to use your account to receive packages.
    5. How can I change my membership type?
      • If you want to upgrade your membership status, you can log in to your account and upgrade your membership. Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade your membership.
  2. Shipping
    1. What is the maximum package weight and dimensions?
      • As express courier service rules each package weight must be maximum 30 kg and package dimensions cannot exceed 120cm.
    2. Can I ship it? (Shipping restrictions)
      • You can check the prohibited items list.
    3. How long does it take to receive a package once it is shipped from your facility?
      • We will forward your packages to the international carriers within 1 business day of your request to ship them. Shipment durations from Turkey to your country may vary depending on the international carrier you chose for shipping. However, once the packages arrive in your country, it usually takes 2-4 working days for them to be delivered to your address. Note that international shipping excludes time for customs clearance (if any). You can check the estimated delivery time to your country from our 'Rates Calculator'.
    4. Do you charge a fee for handling dangerous goods or hazardous materials?
      • In accordance with the IATA regulations, we can't ship any dangerous goods or hazardous materials.
    5. Which international carriers do you use to send my package?
      • For express shipments, our primary couriers are Aramex, Skynet, DHL, and UPS. For our more economical prices, you can choose the LAKCOM Economy option (available for shipments weighing 31 kg and over).
    6. Will you forward my packages to me even when I am traveling?
      • Yes, we can send your packages to you wherever you are in the world. Just make sure you take into consideration shipping and customs durations, or no one will be there to receive the packages once you travel back. Check out our shipping rates for different countries in our Rates Calculator.
    7. Can you ship perfume?
      • Unfortunately, we aren't able to ship perfumes due to IATA regulations.
    8. Why is my package not showing in my account?
      • Lakcom receives packages Monday through Friday. Our warehouse team works diligently to enter your package into your account. The majority of packages are logged in within 24 hours of its arrival at our facility. Multi-piece shipments, oversized packages, large quantities of items, and packages that do not include an invoice may take longer to appear in your account.  You will receive an email each time we log a package into your account. Or this could be due to one of the following reasons: -The merchant did not ship your package, because they couldn’t get the proper authorization from your credit card company for your order. In this case, we advise you to contact the merchant for clarification. -The merchant shipped the package to your address but the package got lost along the way. Contact the merchant for tracking and delivery confirmation or request a replacement.   -The package was received at your Lakcom address, but your name and account number weren’t printed on the package label. Your package could be stored in the Unknown Packages zone in our facility. Contact us to inform us of any packages you didn't find in your account page or if you think you didn't fill in the address correctly (i.e. forgot to write your membership ID). -Your package contains hazardous material and is being held by the concerned authorities.
    9. What is the export limits from Turkey?
      • According to Turkish customs regulations, if the products' and goods’ value is more than 7,500 Euros or weighs more than 150 kg, they have to go through the formal export process.
    10. Does Lakcom provide Turkish Postal Service (PTT) shipping solutions?
      • If you request to receive your package through PTT, please contact us to get suitable rates.
    11. Can I ship different items to different address?
      • Yes, you can. You first need to create different delivery addresses in your account page through the 'Address Book' tab or you can edit existing addresses.N ext, you have to create a separate shipping request for shipments to different addresses.
  3. Shipping Rates
    1. What is Volumetric Weight?
      • The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to determine which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. Volumetric weight calculation: (length x width x height) / 5000
    2. How can I calculate Volumetric Weight?
      • Volumetric weight calculation: (length x width x height) / 5000.
    3. Why do final shipping rates differ from what the shipping calculator estimates?
      • Because your package's size and weight may change once packaging services (e.g. single packing, delicate item packaging, etc.) are applied. We also discard unnecessary boxes that make your packages heavier and bigger. After we prepare your package for shipment, we provide you with the final shipping cost.
  4. Shop for Me
    1. How can I use the Shop for Me service?
      • After registering on the website, log in to your account and fill in the 'Shop for Me' form. We will then contact you regarding your request, or you can check the request status form your account. Once you accept the final price including the service charge, we will purchase the item for you within 3 working days.
    2. How much does the Shop for Me service cost?
      • The Shop for Me service fee is 8% of the order value where the minimum order value accepted is 10 USD (bank transfer fees excluded).

        For the all technical purchase we will share with you the best products ( machinery, tech items etc) and purchase options that are expected from market research.

        The service fee is;
        up to  1000 USD  15% of order value or min charge is 100 USD
        up to  3000 USD  12% of the order value
        above 3000 USD 10% of the order value

        Lakcom does not have any responsibility for the purchased products. Lakcom offers only the product recommendation
    3. How long does it take my personal shopper to place the order?
      • Lakcom personnel will do their best to fulfill your requests as soon as possible. Your personal shopper will place your order within 3 working days (after you confirm the request) and will keep you informed at every step, or you can check the status of the purchase from the 'Shop for Me' tab.
  5. Insurance
    1. What does insurance cover?
      • Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Claims can be filed for the declared value plus international shipping costs, if applicable. Insurance does NOT cover import duties and taxes, domestic shipping costs or damage to the manufacturer’s box/packaging. Couriers may carry limited or no liability for antique or vintage items, jewelry, TVs, electronics, manufacturer’s box/packaging and prohibited goods. Please check with your specific courier for a complete list of prohibited items.
  6. Customs & Taxes
    1. Do I have to pay customs duties on my packages?
      • Yes, you are responsible for all customs duties related to your package. However, the carrier will clear customs duty of your shipment on your behalf, and then they will collect the customs duty fee from you later. Please keep in mind that customs duties and regulations vary between different countries and from one product to another. Customs duties are based on the invoice value included in the shipment or provided by the customer. For more information please contact your local customs office.
    2. Is my package subject to taxes and customs duty?
      • You are responsible for all associated costs such as duties and/or taxes incurred. For more information, we advise that you contact your local customs office.
    3. Do Lakcom shipping rates include customs fee or taxes?
      • For all countries and shipping methods, duties and taxes are paid by the carrier that delivers your shipment. In some cases, couriers may also charge a brokerage fee to clear your package through local customs. These fees vary and are not paid by Lakcom nor are they included in the shipping cost. Please contact your local customs office for more information on duties or import fees.
    4. Why do you I need to enter my merchandise values?
      • Regulations under customs require you to accurately represent the price you paid for your products. We create your proforma invoice for the customs by entering the information provided on the merchant's invoice/receipt that usually arrives with your package. The proforma invoice lists the value, quantity, and description of the items. If your package does not include a merchant's invoice, or if it does not show the value of the merchandise, we will need you to confirm the values before we can ship your package.
    5. What if I received the item for free or as a gift?
      • Regardless of how you received the item, you must declare its value. The minimum value is 1USD. The proforma invoice should be filled as a gift.
  7. Local Shopper
    1. What is the Mall Shopper service and how does it help me?
      • If you are buying goods from shopping centers in Turkey, you can ask for the free delivery service (if available) and have your packages delivered to your Lakcom address. This way you won't have to worry about finding a place to store your purchases, especially if they are large, or even carry your purchases around with you. Lakcom gives you the opportunity to have a fine shopping experience. Once received, your packages we will be entered into your account and you will be informed. You can then ship, store, and consolidate your purchases to your convenience.
  8. Value Added Service
    1. How does repackaging save me money?
      • Many stores pack your items in boxes that are too large or not properly prepared for global shipping. Lakcom takes extra time to ensure all your merchandise is properly packaged for international shipping. Our repackaging service will save you money in shipping costs and also helps ensure your purchases are not damaged during transport. Note: some items may require to be repackaged into bigger packages to ensure they are delivered to safely. Extra shipping fees may apply.
    2. What is benefit of Single Package option for me?
      • Shipping multiple packages overseas direct from online stores can be very costly. With Lakcom parcel bundling (consolidation), our expert packers combine your purchases into a single package, saving you up to 60% off standard international shipping rates. (If the volumetric weight increases, the single packing will be canceled)
    3. What is the standard package control?
      • The basic inspection includes a visual check for the condition of the received package, taking size measurements and weight. Forbidden or prohibited materials will be discarded. If requested, a full inspection will be applied by opening the sealed package, checking for any damages or defects. This detailed inspection will be charged separately. If the product is an electrical device a technical inspection can be applied and will also be charged separately. Please refer to the available value-added services with their respective charges that you can find in your control panel.
  9. Package, Consolidation, & Storage
    1. What if the package I ordered was delivered to your warehouse without an invoice?
      • The estimated value will be subject to Lakcom’s sole discretion. We will send you a value notification to approve it and you need to fill a proforma invoice to be declared at customs.
    2. Can you repack my package if the retailer placed it in a large box?
      • We sure can. All you have to do is select our 'reduce packaging' service and for $5 (USD) and we will remove all unnecessary packaging material and reduce the parcel to an ideal size.
    3. When is a product abandoned?
      • We will make every attempt to contact you if your package is nearing the maximum storage period without shipments (100 days). If we didn't receive a reply and if the items were not shipped after 100 days of storage (per item), the items will be abandoned (subject to disposal).
    4. How long can I store my package in the warehouse?
      • We allow packages to be stored for a maximum of 100 days in our warehouse. However, the free storage period depends on your membership status at checkout. You will be charged a $2 per item per day fee for each extra day past the free storage period. For instance, if you decide to ship an item that has been stored for 30 days, and you are a Free member, you are to pay a $9 fee for the extra storage days (30-21=9).
    5. What happens if my package is gift wrapped?
      • It’s a legal requirement to declare what is in every box for international shipping. Therefore, the Lakcom team will open every package. We will do our best to keep the original packaging.
    6. Will my packages be opened when they are delivered to my Lakcom address?
      • Yes, because it’s a legal requirement to declare what is in every box for international shipping. Therefore the Lakcom team will open every package.
    7. Will you consolidate my packages even if I forget to tell you?
      • Yes, we consolidate all shipments into one package and advise you details. We check products and send you photos of each items if you required. Please check extra HD photo rates
    8. What is consolidation and how does it help me?
      • Shipping multiple packages overseas direct from online stores can be very costly. With Lakcom, our expert packers combine your purchases into a single package (i.e., consolidation), reducing up to 60% of the standard shipping rates. We will always try to consolidate your items into one box unless you request otherwise. Our per-weight shipping rates decrease as the box weight increases. So, it is almost always to your benefit to have one large box shipped instead of several small boxes.
    9. How long will unknown packages be stored in the Lakcom warehouse?
      • We will store unknown packages for 45 days before discarding them.
    10. Can I split items in a package?
      • Yes, if you order the same object in one package, we can split them into two packages. There is a 5 USD fee per package to provide this service. You may send packages to a different address as a gift or you may choose to have one of the split items discarded.
    11. How can I know my packages' status in the warehouse?
      • You can log in to your account and navigate to the 'All Items' section. There you will be able to see all the details related to your purchases and shipments.
    12. Are there any storage limitations?
      • Lakcom members can store as many items as they wish, and they can use their free storage durations to the last day. However, in case of cancellations or extra storage days, terms and conditions apply.
    13. How can I benefit from the free storage period?
      • Shipping the stored item(s) is required to benefit from the free storage period. The free storage period depends on your membership status on the day the shipping request is made ( e.g. you will not be charged for storage for up to 30 days if you are a Silver member). Members who decide not to ship their items will have to pay a 2 USD per item per day fee for their stored items.
  10. Claims & Refunds
    1. When can I claim a refund for my Lakcom membership?
      • You can claim a refund only for annual memberships. To claim a refund, you can request a cancelation at any time. The month in which you request the refund will not be refunded, while the remaining months will only be partially refunded. 4 USD for Gold memberships and 3 USD for Silver memberships will be refunded for each remaining month. Full refunds are only available for annual members that request a cancelation within the first month of their memberships and have not yet made any shipments within that period. As for customers who request a cancelation within the first month of the mebership and have made one or more shipments during that period will have all the membership advantages used in any of the shipments withdrawn (shipment discounts, free storage periods, etc.) before receiving the full refund.
    2. When will I be compensated for my lost/damaged shipment?
      • If all the necessary documents and evidence are provided at the time of submitting the claim, it can take up to 30 days to process the claim and compensate you for your lost or damaged shipment.
    3. How can I claim a lost/damaged shipment?
      • You can claim the package by contacting our customer service.
    4. Is there a timeline to submit a claim for my lost/damaged shipment?
      • For damaged shipments, claims must be submitted the day following the date of receiving the shipment at the latest. For lost shipments, claims can be accepted within one month from the date the shipment is declared missing by Lakcom.
    5. I received my package but it is missing an item. How can I claim this missing item?
      • You need to contact the merchant for more information about your order. Most of the time, merchants will either ship your order in several packages on different days or accidentally place the wrong number of items in the package, especially if your order has more than one item. Another reason could be that the item you ordered is out of stock; merchants usually inform you in such cases or ship it to you at a later date. If you did not request the Inspection option before shipping, Lakcom will not be liable for any missing items.
    6. When will I be compensated for my lost/damaged shipment?
      • If all the necessary documents and evidence are provided at the time of submitting the claim it can take up to 30 days to process the claim and compensate you for your lost or damaged shipment.
    7. Where does Lakcom’s liability start?
      • Our liability starts once the shipment reaches our Lakcom warehouse and until the shipment is delivered to you. If a shipment was not received at our warehouse, and you have a proof of delivery from the merchant, then we will compensate you. Shipments received through mail with no proof of delivery are not part of Lakcom's responsibility. The maximum Declared Value for Customs and Carriage is limited and may vary per location. The maximum Declared Value for Customs and Carriage for the contents of regardless of destination, is US$ 100 per Shipment Goods with a value (actual or declared) exceeding these amounts. The Declared Value for Carriage cannot exceed the Declared Value for Customs. EVEN IF A HIGHER VALUE IS DECLARED, THE LIABILITY OF LAKCOM FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CONTENTS OF A SHIPMENT WILL NOT BE MORE THAN THE ACTUAL VALUE OF THE CONTENTS OF THE SHIPMENT AND LAKCOM SHALL BE ENTITLED TO REQUIRE INDEPENDENT PROOF OF THE VALUE OF THE CONTENTS OF A SHIPMENT FOR WHICH A CLAIM IS MADE. LAKCOM is not liable for any loss of, damage to, or delay, misdelivery or non-delivery of unacceptable Shipments, including but not limited to cash or currency (Check: ITEMS UNACCEPTABLE FOR CARRIAGE).
    8. When is a protected shipment considered damaged and eligible for compensation?
      • Lakcom services state we are only liable for physical damage/loss that occurs while the shipment is in our custody.
  11. Campaign & Discount Code
    1. How can I use my promotion/voucher code?
      • When creating a shipping request, you will find an (I have Promotion code / Voucher/cheque) button. Just click on the button and enter the code. Note: Terms and conditions of the promotion/voucher apply.
    2. I have a Silver/Gold membership. Can I use a promotion/voucher code?
      • Yes, you can. However, If you apply a promotion code, the discounts that come from being a Gold/Silver will not be applied, i.e., only the discount from the promotion/voucher will be applied.
  12. General
    1. What can I do if a seller doesn't accept foreign credit cards?
      • You can use our Shop for Me service. Please contact us for further information.
    2. How can I purchase items from stores that don’t offer an online shopping option?
      • You can use our Shop for Me service to purchase your desired products.
    3. Is my Lakcom address a PO (Post Office) Box address?
      • No, it is not. Many retailers do not permit shipments to a PO Box address, which is why your address will be a unique physical address allocated in our warehouse in Istanbul, Turkey
    4. Do you offer pick-up services at any address?
      • Unfortunately, we do not offer pick-up services currently. You can contact your seller or drop your items at any local courier service and ask them to deliver it to your Lakcom address.
    5. How can I get Lakcom address?
      • Click the Register button in the home page, select the membership option that suits you best, and fill our simple and short registration form. You will then receive an email with a link to activate your account in which you will find your Lakcom address. Welcome to a world full of advantages!
    6. How can I shop using my Lakcom address?
      • After you finish shopping (online or in Turkey), just use our Lakcom address as your delivery address. Once we receive your purchases, you will be able to manage them from your account page. How to use Lakcom address: From your Lakcom account, navigate to the "YOUR LAKCOM ADDRESS" section, and use the delivery address as shown in the “How do I use this?” pop-up below.
    7. Can I collect my package from the Lakcom warehouse by myself?
      • Unfortunately, no. However, you can contact us and we will send your items to your location in Turkey after receiving the local delivery payment fees from you. Note: you will also be charged a 2 USD per item per day storage fee for your items since free storage policy only covers items that are shipped.
    8. How can I purchase items from stores that don’t offer an online shopping option?
      • You can use our Shop for Me service. We will be happy to help you.
    9. What can I do if a seller doesn't accept foreign credit cards?
      • You can use our Shop for Me service.
    10. What is a working/business day?
      • Working days in Turkey are from Monday through Friday, unless they coincide with national holidays, then they are not considered working days.
    11. What is a Lakcom address?
      • A Lakcom address is a real physical address to which every Lakcom member can use as a delivery address for all their purchases from Turkey.
  13. Registration
    1. What happens if I don't upload a copy of my ID card / Passport after registration?
      • Due to customs rules and regulations, you are required to upload your ID / Passport. Members who don't upload the required documents will not be able to ship their purchases.
    2. Can I use the same email or phone number to register again?
      • No, you have to use a different email and phone number for registration.
    3. Are there any registration fees?
      • There are no registration fees for a free membership, but a payment will be required for Gold and Silver memberships.
    4. What is a referral code, and how can I use it?
      • A referral code is a code that lets us know how you were informed of our website. A referral code could be the code of a friend, a retailer, our partners, etc. You can enter the referral code during registration, and by doing so you are helping us improve our services. During registration, enter the referral code you have in the designated section and you will receive a 10 USD discount on value-added services you select for shipping.
  14. E-Shopper
    1. What should I do when online stores want a Turkish phone number from me?
      • Unfortunately, we can't provide any mobile numbers. For further information please contact us. However, some websites don't require a phone number for registration. In this case, you should use +90 212 438 62 55 when entering the delivery address.
  15. Returns
    1. If I place an online order but receive the wrong item, can I get a special reduced rate to return this item back to the merchant?
      • We currently do not offer this as an E-Shopper service; however, you can contact your international carrier office for details on returns.
    2. Who pays the cost of the return package?
      • The return package responsibility is on the customer after the package leaves the Lakcom warehouse. If you wish to return a package while it is in the Lakcom warehouse, Lakcom will return your package after collecting the service fees for the return package delivery.
    3. Are Shop for Me purchases returnable?
      • This depends on the retailer’s return policy. You are responsible for all associated fees. Please contact our customer service department if you wish to return one of your items.
    4. Value Added Service
      • Value Added Service
  16. Payments & Fees
    1. Can I use my Lakcom address as a billing address?
      • Your Lakcom address is for your online and mall purchases' deliveries only; for billing, please enter the local address which corresponds with your locally issued credit card, or you can choose our Shop for Me service to make your purchases.
    2. Can I make cash payments on delivery?
      • Unfortunately, we don't offer Cash on Delivery (CoD) services.
    3. Does Lakcom pay domestic transport fees on my behalf?
      • Currently, we can't make any payments on behalf of Lakcom members. All domestic transportation fees have to be paid by you or by the sender.